Here are the top 10 US Cities with the Most Swingers

Swinging is slowly becoming the norm in some of the most unsuspecting cities in the US. People everywhere are starting to realize how fun it can be to share your partner with others and reaping the benefits of having other couples share with you.

Groupsex hasn’t been this common since ancient Greece, and it’s all thanks to these revolutionary new swinger sites where people from any city can meet up and trade partners for an evening of wild lovemaking. Let’s check out some of these cities and find out which ones are the biggest fans of the swinging lifestyle.

Portland, Oregon

Coming in at number one is the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Other than an exceptionally liberal attitude, Portland is known for one thing; being weird. Now, I’m not saying that swinging is weird – in fact, it’s getting more and more popular every day. All I’m saying is that Portland has a knack for the unusual, and thank god for that.

Thousands of couples in Portland are looking for an extra partner or two to share their sexual journey with, and that number is growing with every passing day.

The swinger community in Portland is getting to the point where the people there are aware and accepting of the growing phenomenon, providing support and approval from every corner of the city.

Part of me thinks that these swingers are a lot more common than previously imagined, and if you log into swinger sites like MeetnFuck, you’ll find that the Portland area is absolutely teaming with sexual adventurers who are ready to share and exchange partners at will. Go for a visit, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

Seattle, Washington

It turns out Seattle has something even more impressive than the space needle; a swinger population the size of a small town.

With a population of over 3.5 million people and a liberal attitude that could turn Mitch McConnell young again, you know Seattle is packing a massive swinger population. And since Seattle’s residents make up for half of Washington’s total population, the swinger community is closer than ever before.

With a tight-knit circle of people looking for some third-party fun, it’s no wonder the people of Seattle are all in such a good mood all of the time. I mean, who’s that chipper while living in a place that gets 6 inches of rain a day. I guess it’s hard to stay gloomy when you’ve got thousands of hot, young swingers ready to mix and match their spouses.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

People from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are into a lot more than just sports.

In this flourishing city, people are often burdened by the hustle and bustle of the modern world. But unlike the rest of us, they know how to probably de-stress. You’ll probably hear rumors about swinger clubs in any big city, but in the case of Pittsburgh, it’s true.

In 2019, the swinger clubs in Pittsburgh are alive and well. A lot of people from Pittsburgh say things about these exciting ‘clubs,’ but you’ll never really know what they’re talking about until you visit one for yourself.

If you’re living in Pittsburgh and you’ve been looking for a way to explore your sexuality and open your door to new experiences, you should hop onto a swinger site like SwapFinder and discover some new friends to share with!

Miami, Florida

It looks like Florida man is up to more than just robbing Dollar Stores with a screwdriver because the swinger scene there is out of control. The city of Miami, Florida is home to over 100,000 swinging enthusiasts, and something tells me it has something to do with their incredibly active party scene.

When everyone’s second-favorite activity involves hanging out at the beach half-nude, it’s no wonder these people are all trying to fuck each other. And honestly, the swinger scene in Miami is probably the least strange thing they have going on.

All you have to do is walk along the beach for more than 20 minutes, and you’re sure to find at least one couple scouting for a third (or fourth) member to add to their private sex club, so why shouldn’t it be you?

New York City, New York

Being one of the most sexually liberal cities in the world, New York City is home to hundreds of thousands of swingers that are all looking for an escape from their busy city lives by having a little extra fun in the bedroom.

New York city is full of all kinds of different people from all over the world that have, over the years, come to call it home. So if you’re into swinging and interracial sex (like I know we all are), this is the place to do a little exploring.

In a city this big, and this old, New York City is home to more underground swinger clubs than anywhere else in the world. Next time you’re there, try to fire up your Feeld account for something a little more exciting than the Empire State Building.

Dallas, Texas

Yee Haw! This one’s going to get wilder than a bronco in a thunderstorm, because everybody is trading wives in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas.

Threesomes, foursomes, and swinger orgies are showing up all over the map in Dallas. I know that a lot of the cities on this list are known for being liberal and open about their sexual desires, so it’s a little bit of a shock to me that any city in Texas (liberal or not) is down to swing freely.

Next time you’re in Dallas, try snooping around for a swinger club, and discover what it really means to be a Texan.

San Bernardino, California

Being a resident of San Bernardino myself, I can confirm that the people who live here more into swinging than they are overpriced T-shirts.

In a place where everyone’s mom has fake tits and weekly lip injections, it’s no wonder everyone is doing their absolute most to fuck their friends’ wives.

I’ve been around the block a few times, and I can confirm that the people in southern California are more attractive than anywhere else in the world. No wonder everyone’s trying to find an extra bedroom partner or two. I know I am.

Denver, Colorado

When it’s snowing all day every day, you’ve got to find something to do other than smoke weed and watch movies, right? Well, that’s what the people of Denver, Colorado are thinking too because they have about a dozen swinger clubs in Denver alone.

And when it’s about 20 degrees outside all the time, it probably doesn’t hurt to have a couple of friends in bed with you and your wife to keep you warm – if you know what I mean.

Check out their world famous swinger scene for yourself. Who knows, you might end up finding yourself some new friends to fuck during those lonely winter months.

San Diego, California

Ah, yes. One of the most sexual cities in California; San Diego.

When you mix a beach-side city, a college town, and a swinger scene more elusive than Carmen, you’re setting yourself up for some serious swinging fun.

Just last year the swinger population in San Diego has increased by over 60%! My guess is that the people living there have been having a ball with Tinder, and are even more eager to start experimenting with casual group sex. And who can blame them?

Houston, Texas

Here’s another great example of why big cities, even in the most miserable places, can be a beacon for swingers everywhere. Huston, Texas is a swingers paradise.

Never, in your wildest dreams, could you imagine that the people of Harris County could be so wild in the bedroom.

Next time you find yourself in Huston, try doing something other than eating chili and watching college football. Maybe you and your significant other might find something even more exciting than visiting every over-priced bar in town.

3 Tips for Surviving the Longest Flight of Your Life

Until now the most you’ve flown is 6 hours across the united states. Or maybe you’ve flown from the eastern seaboard to Europe, that flight isn’t terribly long. But now you’re going further than you’ve gone before. Your flight promises to be the longest most dreadful experience you’ve ever had while traveling… But it doesn’t have to be that way. Traveling to the ends of the earth and back doesn’t have to be a nightmarish experience if you only know how to cope. Sure, the best way to make sure that your flight is a pleasant one is to fly first class, but who has that kind of money!?

I sure don’t! Here’s how to survive long flights without wanting to claw your eyes out.

  1. Melatonin
    Sleeping your way through a long flight is one of the easiest ways to make sure that it’s not hell. If you can knock out 6 hours by sleeping then, by all means, you should do it. I recommend bringing along some melatonin and Dramamine. This will surely knock you out for a few hours. And bring multiple doses! For there and the flight back.
  2. Noise-Canceling Headphones
    You never know where there’s going to be a crying baby. So make sure that you bring headphones that you can’t hear anything through. They should be so good that if the plane were to go down you wouldn’t notice until you hit the ground.
  3. BOOKS
    You must entertain yourself. You can’t just sit there for 12 hours can you? Well, bring a book… or better yet bring a device (an iPad, a kindle, a laptop) that you can download multiple books on! This will keep you entertained… plus if you can download games you should do that too! Or hope you sit next to someone who has one of those fancy Nintendo Switch devices.
    Movies are a great way to kill time (or to help fall asleep!) Download something like the Lord of The Rings (all of the movies). Try to stay away from things that are too sad or scary because you don’t want to be sobbing or jumping out of your seat!
  5. Comfy pants
    I know that some people try to dress very nice in hopes of being upgraded to 1st class… And sometimes this works. However, this is not the flight for hoping for an upgrade… because if you don’t get one you’ll be stuck in slacks for the whole flight! Wear comfy pants, it’s worth it.