You’ll never guess which US City ranked #1 for beautiful women

Are you planning your next vacation? Or are you thinking about moving to a new city?

Sure, when you’re looking to move to a new place, you should obviously look for a job, and the location and how it’ll suit you… but shouldn’t you take into account how hot the women are?

While there are beautiful people everywhere, there are definitely places that attract the most attractive people. I don’t know if it’s the bright lights, the beach, or if there’s something in the water, but these are the U.S. cities with the hottest women.

  1. Norfolk, VA

    If you like a woman in uniform, then this is definitely the city for you. With it being the location of the largest navy base and NATO’s Strategic Command headquarters, there are plenty of sexy government workers walking around.

    When they aren’t stopping the bad guys and delving into Top Secret files, they’re out enjoying the bustling city. Norfolk has an amazing art scene which boasts amazing celebrations of Cajun culture, food, and wine.

    So the next time you’re in Norfolk on a super secret government assignment – or if you find yourself there on vacation – keep an eye out for a naval officer who’s willing to let their hair down out of their dress-code-mandated top knot for you.

  2. San Antonio, TX

    Want to find an Alamo-hoe? Well, after you’re doing treating yourself on a tour of the historical areas surrounding the city of San Antonio, you should take a stroll down the River Walk.

    The women in this city are just as eye-catching as the 6,000 luminarias which light the river. This city is particularly beautiful during the holiday season and just before dark.

    You’re likely to find someone as the residents in this city as they scored perfectly for being friendly. I highly recommend this city for those who are looking for a lowkey yet romantic getaway.

  3. Las Vegas, NV

    Not only does Vegas attract some of the hottest people on the planet, but the locals are also something else too. Think about it: where do all those gorgeous showgirls and waitresses live when they’re not working at the glitzy casinos?

    You may have to travel off the beaten path to find a spot where the locals will pay you any mind, but Vegas has some of the hottest girls in the world.

    You’ll find some of the most beautiful girls on vacation in the clubs, and you’ll find some of the most gorgeous locals working there, so how could you lose?

  4. Boulder, CO

    Do you need a break from the bustling city? Why not take a trip up to the mountains? Boulder is one of the few places in the world where you’ll find both natural beauty in both nature and women. The ladies here are also pretty gosh darn smart too! Beauty and brains is a combination that can’t be beaten.

    Boulder is home to some of the coolest restaurants, the mountains, and the University of Colorado! So you’re definitely going to find yourself in one of the most beautiful places on the planet amongst some of the smartest most interesting people too.

    And if skiing is your jam, then there are very few places in the US that are as great for skiing than the mountains around Boulder. Good luck keeping up with those locals though! They’ll smoke you on and off the slopes.

  5. Nashville, TN

    Do you like music? Whiskey? And a whole lot of denim? Well, then you should take a trip to Nashville!

    This city is a hotbed for good food, great music, and beautiful women. It’s also arguably one of the best places for pulled pork… so what’s there not to like about this city!?

    I recommend going when there is some sort of music or cultural festival going on, so you can get a feel for the full party atmosphere of this town.

  6. Housten, TX

    When you think about Housten you might think about the country, but don’t forget that Beyonce is from Houston, Housten is also responsible for Matt Bomer too, so believe me when I say that this city is home to some of the hottest people to ever have graced the face of this earth.

    You would be mistaken to not stop by this city when you’re on your tour of all the cities with the hottest people.

  7. San Diego, CA

    Surf’s up! Am I right?

    San Diego is more than just a surf town, its known for its beaches and beautiful weather… And the women!

    One of the best parts about this area is how diverse it is. You’ll find every kind of girl from beach babes to goth girls to punk girls. The music scene here is a driving force which makes for a great social scene with plenty to d.

    Plus, if you’re into the arts this is a great place to visit, you’ll love the kind of people you’ll meet here.

  8. NYC, NY

    When I was thinking about this bullet point on this list I wondered if I should just list Manhattan and Brooklyn as separate places… but when you think about it every borough is what makes NYC so special…

    NYC is easily one of the most diverse and amazing places in the United States. I’d say it’s one of the best cities in the world, especially when it comes to the women.

    You have to be a boss to get by in this city. Whether you’re a businesswoman working in Midtown or a girl grinding in Brooklyn, you’re a boss… so when you’re looking to visit a place with gorgeous women, you must go to The Big Apple.

    These women are beautiful and hardworking, which is a combination that’s usually rare… but not in this city!

  9. Honolulu, HI

    Let’s shift our attention to the uncontiguous United States… Hawaii. Hawaii is one of those places that you go on cruises to at the very least. It’s an extremely beautiful part of the US that usually goes unenjoyed by most of us here on the mainland.

    But the women… boy, oh boy are the women something else. You’re going to find the coolest girls on this island. Women here spend most of their days in the sun so you can be sure to find a ton of girls with the most amazing – and even – tans!

    Plus who wouldn’t want to visit a place where bikinis are 90% of what women wear 90% of the time!?